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The job search process can be tiring. Not only does it take a lot of time, it can wear you out putting your self-worth on the line every time you apply for a job, only to be rejected. What if you didn’t have to do this all on your own? 

That’s where The Kindel Group comes in.  Our staffing firm works on behalf of companies to find temporary employees for positions the company needs filled immediately. Our staffing firm  is responsible for posting jobs, vetting candidates, and eventually hiring employees. 

Here’s why you should register with us:

1. You can work temporarily while still job searching.

Even if you don’t see the position you hold during a temporary job as your life’s calling, it can provide a valuable source of income while you continue the search for your dream job. Besides helping pay your bills, temporary assignments in your chosen field are a good way to enter the market and make a name for yourself before you commit to an employer. Also, you can specify to us that you would prefer jobs with lower time commitments, so that you can use the extra time to continue the application process.

2. Your temporary job may actually lead to permanent employment.

Not all companies hire The Kindel Group only for temporary jobs. For some companies, hiring employees who are temporary at first is a way of vetting them before taking them on as a permanent fixture at the company. In addition, some companies hire us to fill permanent positions from the beginning. 

3. Skill-building opportunities are aplenty.

Temporary assignments can be a valuable opportunity to quickly build resume-boosting skills. The skills you learn after a few months on the job can leverage you into your next, permanent job. Whether it’s learning how to use a new software or honing your analytical prowess, these skills can help you when you get on the job market again. 

4. Faster turnaround times than regular jobs.

When companies hire us, they’re usually looking for the position to be filled as soon as possible. It is our goal is to fill positions in a timely manner. While it may take weeks to even hear back about an interview after sending in an application to a company itself, our staffing firm speedily and efficiently get positions filled.

5. The contacts you make, you can keep.

Working with The Kindel Group can help you make contacts in a company or an industry. Even if you’re on a temp assignment, you will be introduced to many employees at the company and network. 

6. You can flexibly explore different work environments

Perhaps part of the reason it’s been difficult to find the right fit opportunity, is that you’re not quite sure what’s the right job for you. Working with The Kindel Group can help you get exposure to many jobs and industries in a short time. This can help clarify and focus your job application process. And when you do apply to jobs, you can speak from experience about what you really love about working in that industry. 


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